Thursday, September 20, 2018

CANCER strikes too close to home!

First, we want to thank everyone for their support and donations to help as we fight for our beloved Cheyenne.
We know that this will prove a challenging and costly battle, but we know with your help we can give Cheyenne
the best opportunity at life.

Many people question, and struggle to understand, why we would expend so many resources on JUST ONE
dog when we have over 150 animals in our care. Our mission is to do everything physically possible for each
individual animal to ensure that they get the best opportunity to live out their lives, as healthily and happily as

Last week we received devastating test results which revealed that the cancerous mass in Cheyenne’s mouth
is ATTACHED to her jaw bone. This news complicates what is already a potentially deadly diagnoses, however,
Cheyenne’s medical team feels as though she is a good candidate for surgery to remove the cancer, including
a portion of her jaw bone. While it is an invasive procedure she is expected to recover well and flourish. We
believe Cheyenne deserves her best chance at life!

Due to the severity of the cancer, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE, as the longer we delay the more dangerous the
procedure becomes. Cheyenne is scheduled to undergo surgery TOMORROW MORNING 9/27/18 and we are facing the reality that without funding Cheyenne will lose her life.

Cheyenne was abandoned once before and we refuse to give up on her during this critical time, will you join
us in the fight to save Cheyenne?

Give Cheyenne the greatest gift of all... Life!


Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that we must tell you about our sweet Cheyenne. We are in shock and trying to process the
results of Cheyenne's recent biopsy. After two masses suddenly developed on Cheyenne's jaw, tests have revealed
she is suffering from an aggressive cancer in her mouth.

As we celebrate the 5th anniversary of St. Francis Farm we think back to our first few weeks here and Cheyenne’s
arrival.  Cheyenne was dropped in what is referred to as a “dropbox” in Columbia, SC. She was malnourished and
had a terribly thin dry coat. Upon her first days at the farm Cheyenne refused to eat and then came down with a severe
pneumonia. After several days in the hospital she began the road to recovery. It didn’t take Cheyenne long to make
herself at home and quickly became the Ambassador at the farm. Cheyenne is the first dog our visitors meet and fall
in love with after arriving at St. Francis Farm. She has been a surrogate Mom to many orphaned puppies and provided
the love and guidance only another dog can. Cheyenne is a part of our staff. We often joke that this is Cheyenne’s farm…
she just lets us all live here. We are extremely grateful to this special girl for all the love and happiness she brings us,
and now it is our turn to repay her by fighting for her life!

This is an aggressive cancer and we need to be just as aggressive in her treatment and make all efforts to save
her life! We have been referred to University of Georgia Veterinary Clinic for consultation and care. Once she has
been evaluated, Cheyenne will need immediate surgery to remove as much of the cancer as possible followed by
radiation to kill any cancer cells that remain.

All donations made will be used for Cheyenne's care including:
Consultation with a Cancer specialist
Travel costs back-and-forth to UGA (8 hour round trip drive each time)
Daily medication
Special diet

To provide the care needed we need to raise at least $10,000 to cover the cost of treatment and recovery. Please
donate today and give Cheyenne her best chance at life.

Cheyenne has had her first consultation and surgery is urgent and being scheduled very soon! Her vet bills are already stacking up. You can read the information from her consultation and first bill below.

UGA Consultation Bill

UGA Consultation Information